Cremo Beard Grooming Set with Comb Bourbon Blend Scent


The only irritating thing about your beard should be the incessant compliments. Your beard is how you distinguish yourself. And our Beard Care Essentials kit is how you distinguish your beard. It’s designed for the unique needs of beards; from the short and scruffy, to the long and the glorious. These products work fast to condition and moisturize, softeneing coarse facial hair while reducing dryness and that annoying itch. The premium formulas are free of harsh ingredients, so they won’t dry beard or skin. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a luxuriously soft, well-groomed beard with our bold, classic Bourbon Blend scent. Grow a beard to be proud of, and always Beard Boldly. No matter the length, beards have needs. The hair on your head is not the same as the hair on your face. Facial hair requires a specialized grooming regimen. Cremo's Bourbon Blend Beard Gift Set is the answer. It contains a unique sampling of Cremo's Bourbon Blend fragrance, a masculine fragrance of Sweet Oak Bourbon. This beard gift set contains Bourbon Blend Beard and Scruff Cream, Beard and Scruff Softener, Beard Comb. The perfect gift for any beardsman with a beard of any length